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“What happened”? Potter asked. Draco leaned back against the chair and shut his eyes. He wasn’t the type to talk about this but for some reason he found himself speaking. “I noticed her that day” he said. He didn’t open his eyes, didnt want to see Potter’s expression. “That’s all? You just noticed her”? A part of Draco snapped. “I didn’t bloody well fall in love with her”! He shouted and opened his eyes. He could see that day in the woods so clearly, as if it were yesterday. She had been leaning against the side of an old tree. Her hair held many droplets of snow. Her cheeks had been red from the chill. He remembered because she was the first person he had seen. In his spot, where he went to hide. The memory tasted bittersweet on Draco’s tongue. He could even remember that Granger was reading a book. A small smile flickered across his lips at the image. There had been something different that day. He recalled that he blamed it on the snow. Because for just one small instance Draco had stood completely breathless at the Gryffindor girl. Her defenses had been down while reading and her lips had been parted. He could almost see her mouth moving along with the words. He noticed her. Nothing more and honestly Draco could remember that he had ridden off that moment soon after. But now he could see that it had been the start of something and he never looked at the snowfall the same way again. Then he remembered Potter sat beside him. His eyes flickered to the boy. “I didn’t love her then, Potter. I didnt know what love was. But she helped…she helped without even knowing it that day”.

okay so the video wasn’t terrible

it was more like what is happening?